kevin o'hara

the donkeyman


Kennedy Award Recipent Kevin O'Hara and his wife, Belita

John F. Kennedy National Award ...March 5, 2012

2017 Shillelagh Award

Key to the City – February 1st, 2010

Presented by State Senator Stephen Brewer

other honors

  • Keynote speaker, annual Massachusetts Nurses Association
  • Speaker at numerous colleges and universities
  • Presenter at numerous pubs, bookstores, and Irish clubs
  • Top 200 Travel Books, Nomadicnotes, for "Last of the Donkey Pilgrims"
  • Emcee, Saltwater Celtic Music Festival, Brunswick, ME
  • Emcee, "Evening With the Stars" St. Joseph Central HS Gala, Pittsfield, MA
  • Emcee, "All Things Irish," Polus Center, Clinton, MA
  • Norman Rockwell Models: Kevin and Belita for "Spirit of America"

Find Kevin and Belita in Norman Rockwell's "Spirit of America" for which they both posed as artist models:

Norman Rockwell at the Easel

      Tom soon emerged with a straight brown hazel stick of custom-made height, the most perfect traveling companion! Then he took his jackknife and carved a few notches like ancient ogham into the handle, rounded off the top and flattened out the bottom.
      "There," he said proudly, handing me the bewitching beauty. "Toss away your old ash plant, for this protection will allow you to sleep peacefully in rath, cairn, or stone circle."
                            –Excerpt from Last of the Donkey Pilgrims
                               by Kevin O'Hara

Eamonn and Brendan feeding Missie, 1986